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In the spirit of Christmas, gift giving and trimming the tree, renowned Southern representational painter West Fraser has announced that this December he has placed three paintings in a tree. Fraser’s PAINTING IN A TREE project begun earlier in 2009 when he placed his first paintings in trees on Cumberland Island, GA.

Mr. Fraser’s has said of his PAINTING IN A TREE project:

“I give to a finder of a painting hanging in a tree, it though happens to have strings attached, literally. I ask you, the recipient, to give to a favorite charity, perhaps your local High school art program, artist organization, local museum or a talented artist in need. I hope that with my gift found, the discoverer will give as well, and perhaps encourage others to make random acts of giving and kindness.  As a catalyst to perpetuate gift giving in the community I hope that my PAINTING IN A TREE project can make a difference.”

The first painting, a 6 x 8 inch oil on panel titled Dungeness Ruins, Cumberland Island, was recovered on Cumberland Island by Canadian sailors Mike and Barb Turney who were heading home to Nova Scotia from their summer sojourn in the Keys. The painting, now mounted on the bulkhead of their 42’ Ketch, Nelleke, prompted the couple to donate to the Cancer Society and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in their home town Halifax. The couple also passed through Charleston after making contact with the artist and met to share their story.

Mr. Fraser has placed these “little jewel” paintings in public locations in three regions that are meaningful to him. Charleston’s French Quarter has been his home for 25 years and is where his wife Helena has her gallery Helena Fox Fine Art. Palmetto Bluff’s Wilson Village (Bluffton, SC) is a new town located on the banks of the May River overlooking the waterways explored in his youth, which remains a place of inspiration for the artist. And lastly Cumberland Island, GA which has been a part of Mr. Fraser’s life since youth and still represents a place of inspiration and personal connection.

Be on the lookout for a PAINTING IN A TREE  in these three locations. On the back of the painting there will be a personal message from the artist. Be ready to receive and to give this holiday season!


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