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Arts omitted

Recently I could sense the beginning of the end of Charleston’s steamy days and nights. However, when I settled down with coffee, opened The Post and Courier and found “My Charleston 2012,” I remembered the steamy days all over again.

I am completely puzzled by the glaring omission of one of Charleston’s most popular assets, our visual arts community and galleries. At last count, there were nearly 60 galleries in peninsula Charleston alone. I cannot believe that anyone living and working here could miss this aspect of Charleston. I can only conjecture this omission is by design or attitude.

Charleston has much to offer residents and visitors, and the community of artists and art-related businesses certainly contributes to Charleston’s quality of life. The businesses provide jobs, a significant sales tax resource and a national tourism draw, capturing regional and national attention in print and electronic media.

I will venture to say that we are in the top rankings of favorite destinations not only for the food, architecture, history and outdoor sporting offerings. Your omission of the Art Scene in the 2012 “Guide to life in the Lowcountry” ignores an important aspect of our community identity.

I do hope that some day, blind eyes will open, and Charleston will appreciate what she has down the street or around the corner. Charleston’s artistic heritage is not only from the past, but is alive and well today.

West Fraser


S.C. State Arts Commissioner

Park Island West

Mount Pleasant


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On November 4 as part of the Charleston Fine Art Annual, Helena Fox Fine Art will feature exhibition entitled, A Portrait of Place, paintings by West Fraser. Opening reception is on Friday, November 4, 2011 from 5PM to 8:30PM. Artist will be present.

A love of the land is apparent in Fraser’s paintings that evoke a true and honest sense of place.  A master of the nuances of light and nature, his work is comparable to the finest of American and European Impressionist of the past. Nationally recognized, Fraser creates a feeling of timelessness in his work that draws the viewers into his contemporary experience. The upcoming exhibition grew out of West Fraser’s passion for his landscape. The South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry, the region his family has claimed as home since colonial times, is a land of beauty, serenity, history and diversity, which keeps her inhabitants spellbound. Since earliest memories, Fraser has explored her hidden places, both by water and by land. A keen observer might find him at work, knee deep in marsh mud with white ibises feeding all around him, running under his easel without a care. He captures the soul of the region in his upcoming exhibit.

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“Scratching the Surface,” new works by Lynne Riding will open with a reception
on November 4 from 5-8:30 pm in conjunction with the Charleston Fine Art
Dealers’ Association
‘s Fine Art Annual Weekend.  Beginning November 2 and
through the last day of the month, Riding’s paintings will be on display at
Corrigan Gallery, 62 Queen Street in downtown Charleston.  This is her third
solo show at the gallery.

Lynne Riding expresses the vastness of intimacy and a lifetime of notions of
place in an abstract manner.  Her manifestation of surroundings includes
nature’s realty as well as its concept. Creating stories of roots in all
senses ­ from whence she comes, literally and figuratively ­ where she has
been and where she is ­ without concrete images, Riding makes a silent
recording of place and passage.  It is portraiture in a broad sense.  It
comes from and takes the viewer to areas of deeper consciousness.

Viewing these works one begins to have a real sense of the value of stream
of consciousness ­ the flow of thoughts and words, of lives and places ­
streamlined into the minimalism of these abstractions.  With both the
passage and resistance of this stream, the artist creates an awareness that
relates to time as space.

A gallery of contemporary works exploring the depth and intellect behind the
drive to create, Corrigan Gallery provides a breathing space around the
historic city’s traditional bent.  http://www.corrigangallery.com

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On Friday November 4th, in conjunction with the Charleston Fine Art Annual Weekend, the Wells Gallery invites the public to view their group exhibit “Metaphoric” inspired by literature. The opening reception starts at 5:30 pm and is free and open to the public. The gallery will also host a special poetry reading by Marcus Amaker during the preview night Wednesday, November 4th from 5:30-7:30, and sell signed books by Earl B. Lewis to celebrate reading and literacy awareness. The works will be exhibited from Friday November 4th – Saturday Nov. 26, 2011.

A metaphor is a literary figure of speech that uses an image, story or tangible thing to represent a less tangible thing or some intangible quality or idea. We asked our artist to create that image or tangible element to express those words that spark an idea.  The exhibit will offer a variety of media and styles from Wells Gallery artists and visiting artists alike.

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