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For the Palette and Palate Stroll, the Corrigan Gallery LLC is pleased to welcome once again Barsa Tapas, a Spanish tapas restaurant located on trendy upper King Street.

The Sea by Gaston Locklear

The Sea by Gaston Locklear

For the art and food event, the Corrigan Gallery will present a show titled “Atmosphere” with works by Gaston Locklear and other gallery artists. The gallery opened its doors on September 1, 2005 at 62 Queen Street, Charleston, South Carolina, just off the corner of Meeting and Queen streets in the historic downtown Charleston. The gallery exhibits works of art both representational and abstract possessing the charm of old Charleston with a contemporary edge. Representing artists whose work is beyond the traditional approach to the southern landscape of marshes, the gallery consistently provides new works to see on a regular basis. Artistic vision partnered with an intellectual strength and astute handling of the materials describes the work on display.

The gallery is showing art that is just for that – art! Not following this year’s fashions but reaching towards the future and showing respect for the past, the presented artwork fulfills the beholder’s need for beauty and the collector’s wish for strong investments. This is art for the soul; art that lets the eyes breathe fresh air. Visitors may watch paintings in process on location and view works that have been done en plein air as well asin situ studio pieces.

Barsa’s proprietor, Drazen Romic, is always working hard to think of innovative ways to bring people to the popular revitalized upper King Street area and is a pioneer when it comes to unchartered territories and the potential they can offer to business owners and the community. Romic opened the very successful Lana restaurant 8 years ago on Rutledge and Cannon long before that area was on the map as a culinary hotspot and it is at Lana where he discovered Barsa’s Executive Chef Cole Poolaw.

Chef Cole Coolaw

Chef Cole Coolaw

Originally of McColl, South Carolina, Poolaw moved to Charleston seven years ago to ultimately pursue a career in culinary arts. He attended Trident Technical College’s Culinary Institute while working full time at Lana Restaurant honing his skills and training under Chef John Ondo. At the young age of twenty-three Cole took the helm as executive chef of Barsa tapas, lounge, and bar. There he has ventured into Spanish cuisine and traditional tapas while staying true to his roots and integrating his own Southern charm. Having a deep commitment to local sustainability, he strives to use only the freshest ingredients sourced from nearby farms. Always a purist in the kitchen, his food profiles are simple and clean yet comforting and satisfying. Whether on the line or visiting with guests in the dining room, you’ll find him with a smile and a true enthusiasm to evolve and expand his culinary palate.


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Cacciatore by Jeff Jamison

Cacciatore by Jeff Jamison

For this year’s Palette and Palate Stroll, Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art will present new works by Jeff Jamison, Lindsay Goodwin and Karen Weihs. The works will be featured during the month of July.  Jamison’s bustling restaurant scenes and dreamy streetscapes lend a snapshot view into the city life, and Goodwin captures the tablescapes and interiors of extravagant European establishments.

Ballroom Ceiling of Chateau d'Artigny by    Lindsay Goodwin

Ballroom Ceiling of Chateau d’Artigny by Lindsay Goodwin

Ella W. Richardson Fine Art specializes in classical realist and impressionist paintings and sculpture by renowned American, Dutch, Russian and Korean artists. The gallery, located at 58 Broad Street in downtown Charleston, is the exclusive North American representative of Bronze Sculpture by Dutch artist Marianne Houtkamp.

The gallery is pleased to be joined by one of Charleston’s most exciting restaurants, Social Restaurant + Wine Bar for this special event.

Housed in a nineteenth century warehouse and featuring a stunning four-thousand bottle display cellar, Social Restaurant + Wine Bar offers Charleston’s largest selection of wines by the glass. Since its opening in 2007, Social has become the preeminent wine bar of Charleston. Complementing its extensive wine selection, Social serves dishes inspired by the wine-growing regions of the world in a chic but casual atmosphere. For Chef Jesse Sutton, the finishing touch on a dish isn’t the sauce or the sides, but the perfect pairing with a glass of wine.  Driven by cultural context, Sutton looks to the traditional ingredients and natural resources of a region to inspire what he creates on the plate.

Chef Jesse Sutton

Chef Jesse Sutton

Born in Carrboro, NC, Sutton grew up in Urbana, IL, and found his way into the kitchen by the age of 18 where his culinary journey began. Sutton enrolled at Kendall College where he received his AAS. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn quickly found him in an apprenticeship with the noted avant-garde chef, Grant Achatz at Trio restaurant. This experience made Sutton realize that the culinary world was ever-evolving and that it was a direction that he wanted to pursue as a career. In 2011, after five years at the Woodlands, South Carolina’s only 5-star, 5-diamond restaurant, Sutton took on the role of Executive-Chef at Social Restaurant + Wine Bar. At Social, in collaboration with owner and Sommelier Brad Ball, Sutton has found a home where wine plays a central part in each dish he creates. Drawing from the old-world wine regions of the world, Sutton is able to take diners on a culinary journey and create simple, elegant stories from around the world using only a wine glass, a plate and a vision.

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Carolina Galleries is pleased to present Chestee Harrington’s work titled “Working in Wood” inspired by the South Carolina Lowcountry as a part of the 2009 CFADA Fine Art Annual, a highly anticipated weekend of fine art in Charleston. The reception takes place on Friday, November 6 from 5 to 8pm. Please visit the website to view all of Harrington’s work available at Carolina Galleries. The gallery is located at 106 A Church Street, Charleston SC 29401.

Chestee Harrington grew up in New Iberia, Louisiana, along the beautiful and historic Bayou Teche. Her now-famous use of wood as an artistic medium originated in her father’s cabinet shop, where she developed an affinity for the fragrance and feel of various woods. As a child, the materials simply seemed in harmony with the scenes of weathered cabins and mossy oaks that surrounded her. Decades later, Chestee’s polychromatic bas reliefs – carved and painted works in wood – have been shown across the United States and abroad.

Her original works, capturing Louisiana life, moods and settings, have been universal favorites and are particularly cherished by serious collectors. Chestee’s creation of a polychromatic bas relief begins with a delicate, low-relief carving of a sketch into a wood panel, which is given a stain underpainting. Oil paints are applied, along with layers of glazing, to produce a three-dimensional effect. Although she has made the relief her signature medium, Chestee is equally adept at painting, sculpture and printmaking.

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Charleston-based painter Robert Lange plays with scale by shrinking massive animals and blowing-up mini animals in a series of 25 new works entitled Measure: Creatures Great + Small. On view from September 4 thru September 30, 2009, at Robert Lange Studios, the show is a unique investigation into how the size of an animal effects our interaction with them.

At the modest age of 28, Lange was recently the American Heart Association’s featured artist.  He received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and is best known for creating bodies of work in a hyper-realist fashion.

In December of 2008, Lange’s acclaimed series Still + Life portrayed still lives with the addition of living elements such as birds and humans. In his upcoming Measure show, Lange is now giving the viewer a unique and whimsical perspective of nature; a tiny lion sits regally on a chair or a huge penguin follows a pedestrian down the sidewalk.

July event RLSSome humorous, some obvious, and some more subtler but in each painting Lange has illustrated how much animals are missing from our everyday by placing them in common scenarios.  For example, in one of the pieces for his September show titled, The Fox + The Pear, Lange has depicted a tiny fox sitting in a bowl next to a pear.  The fox is scaled to be the same size as the pear and in a charming way sits as though he isn’t a bit out of place.

“The reason for playing with the comparative size of each animal versus their surroundings is to make people take notice. There is an intrigue that is created and captivates the viewer by skewing the scales,” says Lange. “I can’t help but feel a certain amount of disconnection from animals and nature in general and a desire to bring both into my life and at least make people think about a possible addition to theirs.”

In The Viewer, one of the works from his upcoming show, Lange paints a giant owl being viewed by two people in a museum-type setting.  Due to the relative scale of the viewers and creature, the people appear overwhelmed by the twenty-foot owl before them. This piece exhibits not only the artist’s feeling towards how our natural world is now displayed but also his humbled feeling as an artist towards capturing the quintessential essence of the subject.

“I wish through realism to create a seamless feeling that makes people second guess if tiny pandas really exist or what their experience would be like to have a giant chipmunk standing next to them,” says Lange. “It’s import to me that I’m always asking questions of the viewers through my paintings and that my audience looks to find the answers.”

Measure: Creatures Great + Small series will hang at Robert Lange Studios at 151 East Bay St. from Friday, September 4 – Wednesday, September 30, 2009. The opening reception will be Friday, September 4, from 5:30 – 8:30 PM and the artist will attend.

Please visit www.robertlangestudios.com or call for more information 843.805.8052. Digital images are available upon request.

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Fulton Lane Inn

In conjunction with the Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association’s Palette and Palate Stroll, Fulton Lane Inn is offering a special art package for two people (July 17-19, 2009). The package is $559.00 plus tax and includes two nights accommodations in a standard king room, daily continental breakfast, wireless internet access, afternoon wine and cheese reception, evening sherry & brandy, dinner for two at Circa 1886 Restaurant (Mobile 4 star, AAA Four Diamond restaurant located in sister property, Wentworth Mansion) with rickshaw rides to and from restaurant; tickets for two to the Palette and Palate Stroll. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Charleston at 202 King Street. To reserve, please call (800)720-2688 or visit www.fultonlaneinn.com.

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Horton Hayes Fine Art is located at the corner of State and Queen Streets. The gallery features original works by locally and nationally recognized artists, including Mark Kelvin Horton, Shannon Runquist, Chris Groves, Nancy Hoerter, Bjorn Runquist, Michael Knoch and Larry Moore. Subject matter in the gallery varies and includes landscapes, still-life, figurative works and architectural depictions rendered in oil, pastel or watercolor. While many of the pieces depict Lowcountry scenes and themes, one may also find a range of images including mountain and western scenes, European subjects and a variety of works inspired by the diverse experiences, surroundings and travels of our artists.

ChefDillon Shine

Cynthia Hayes, gallery director, and co-owners, Mark Kelvin Horton and his wife, Nancy Cagan Horton, have more than 15 years of combined gallery experience. This year, the inspired works at Horton Hayes Fine Art will be complimented during the Palette & Palate Stroll by a new face to Charleston’s cuisine scene, Shine. Pioneered by Executive Chef Dillon Snyder, Shine is described as a unique and eclectic dining establishment, inspired by the best of international street food and the traditional American diner. Chef Dillon’s primary goal when designing the menu was to create food that he himself loved to eat, plain and simple. Dillon enjoys utilizing local ingredients as often as possible to bring light to fresh flavors. What resulted is a beacon for whimsical cuisine in a city where cuisine is taken rather seriously. Dillon believes that a great experience with great food can be achieved without the pretense of traditional restaurant atmosphere.  Shine is located at 58 Line Street in Charleston, South Carolina.

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For more than a decade, the Wells Gallery has played a significant role in developing Charleston as a top fine arts destination. The gallery’s collection represents a diverse array of art, ranging from traditional Lowcountry scenes to more contemporary art by artists from across the nation that paint in a variety of styles and subject matters. At over two times the size of their original location, the gallery showcases a rich selection of paintings, jewelry and hand-blown glass work by some of the nation’s finest artists: Marty Whaley Adams, Claire Farrell, Virginia Fouche´ Bolton, Russell Gordon, Gary Gowans, Glenn Harrington, Whitney Kreb, Kevin LePrince, Earl B. Lewis, Brad Lorbach, Rick McClure, John Michiels, George Pate, Sue Stewart, Karen Larson Turner and Kim Weiland.     


The pairing of Wells Gallery’s fine art with the Charleston Grill‘s superb cuisine will be especially complimentary  because at this year’s Palette and Palate Stroll, the restaurant welcomes new Executive Chef Michelle Weaver. Chef Weaver has been under the direction of the award-winning and former-Executive Chef Bob Waggoner as Charleston Grill’s Executive Sous Chef for the past 11 years.  As her friend and mentor moves towards a new chapter of his career focusing on television, Chef Weaver has naturally and elegantly stepped into the spotlight. Part of the Charleston Place Hotel, the restaurant was the only one in the area to be included in the Nations Restaurant News “Fine Dining Hall of Fame” and in the book titled, The Elite 1000. 

Capturing critics’ and diners’ attention by producing menus that combine unusual ingredients with classic techniques, Chef Weaver continues to enhance and expand Charleston’s appreciation for fine cuisine.  She has a strong commitment to supporting local farmers and encouraging them to cultivate new and unusual products which she incorporates in her cuisine. 

Chef Weaver

After an excessive remodeling, Charleston Grill re-opened in 2007, introducing a new style of Charleston Cuisine. The exquisite menu is pure, with dishes inspired by the clean, light flavors of the ingredients.

“I am inspired by nature and you will experience this in my dishes.  My cooking style takes the freshest ingredients and uses them in the most minimalist way, letting the quality of the product stand for itself.  My job is to bring those ingredients together to create a truly spectacular dining experience,” describes her style Chef Weaver.

Wells Gallery will serve FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka cocktails and wine.

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